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is looking. let mitt romney thought no one was looking, and he said 47% of the american people were not willing to take responsibility for themselves.
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] at the time, the republican in congress and a senate candidate by the name of mitt romney. [ boos ] >> i don't want you to boo, i want you to vote. i want you to vote. but a republican candidate by the name of mitt romney says bill clinton's plans would hurt the economy and kill jobs. turns out the math was as bad then as it is now. because by the end of clinton's second term, america created 23 million new jobs.
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incoming wealth, it was down. florida, we know that our ideas work. we often know that their ideas don't. because we tried their ideas too. we tried giving big tax cuts to the wealthiest americans. we tried giving insurance companies and oil companies and wall street free rein to do whatever they please. you know what we got? we got false incomes and record deficits and the slowest job growth in half a century and a job crisis we've been cleaning up after every since. so let's just think about this, here's your choice, we have ideas that we tried and didn't work. and we have ideas that you tried that did work. so you think it would be a clear choice. but governor romney's a very talented salesman. so in this campaign, he's tried as hard as he can to repackage
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his own ideas that didn't work and pretended the new ideas and he's offering them up as change. but here's the thing, florida, we know what change looks like. what governor romney is offering, giving more power back to the biggest banks, that's not change. another 5 trillion dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy, that's not change. answer the questions of the details of your policies until after the election, that's not changed. politicians have been doing that a long time, ruling out compromise by plugging the rubber stamp in congress, not change. changing the facts when they're inconvenient to your campaign, that certainly is not change. you know, and here's the thing, when you make this choice, you
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know, part of what you're choosing is who do you trust? you know? because you don't know what crisis the next president is going to confront. you don't know what challenge we may have to meet that was unexpected. so part of what you're -- part of what your focus on is how does somebody operate. and after four years as president, you know me by now. you may not agree with every decision i made. you know, michelle doesn't agree with every decision that i made. you may be frustrated sometimes. but the pace of change, i'm frustrated by the pace of change sometimes. but here's the thing, it's -- you know i say what i mean and i mean what i say. i said i'd end the war in iraq, i ended it.
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i said i'd pass health care reform, i passed it. i said i repeal don't ask don't tell, we repealed it. i said we'd make sure the auto industry came back strong. it's come back strong. you know what i believed, you know where i stand, and you know that no matter what happens, i'll fight for you and your family every single day as hard as i know how. >> four more years! four more years! >> so -- so -- so when you're trying to compare a few candidates' agendas and we're
5:05 am
talking about change, you know, i know what real change looks like. because i fought for it. because i brought it. because i've got the scars to prove it. and because i've got gray hair doing it. after all we've been through together to bring about change, we can't give up on it now. because there's more change to do. change is a country where every america has a shot at change. government can't do it, you have to parent. student, you have to study. but don't tell me hiring more teachers won't help this economy grow. it will. don't tell me that students who can't afford college can just borrow more money from the parents. that was an option for me. i bet it's not an option for all of you. that's why the change i want to
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bring is to cut the growth of tuition in half over the next two years. they tell me it's more affordable. i want to recruit 100,000 math and science teachers so we don't fall behind the rest of the world. i want to train 200 million americans the jobs to get the skills that americans are hiring for right now. that's my plan, that's what my change is, that's the america we're fighting for in this election. change -- change comes when we live up to this country's legacy of innovation. i could not be prouder i bet on american worker, american ingenuity. not just proud of that we're building cars in america again, we're building better cars, because of technology, innovation. cars that we're building now by
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the middle of the next decade will go twice as far on a gallon of gas. that will save you money, it will help our national security, it will help our environment. it's not just in the auto industry where we can make these kinds of strides. there are thousands of workers all across america including here in florida that are building long-lasting batteries and wind turbines and solar panels. i don't want to attack those subsidized profits, i want to subsidize and support the energy jobs of tomorrow, the new technologies that will cut our imports in half. i don't want to award companies that take jobs overseas, i want to reward those who stay in america. that's my plan for job and growth. that's the future i see for this country. change -- change is turning the page on a decade of war so we
5:08 am
can do some nation building here at home. as long as i'm commander in chief, we will pursue our enemies with the strongest mel tear we've known. but it's time to use the savings from the war to pay down the debt, rebuilding america, rebuild roads and bridges and making sure our schools are state of the art, and hiring our veterans. because when you fight for this country, you shouldn't have to fight for a job when you come home. that's my plan to keep america strong. that's what to think in this election. change is the future where we reduce the deficit in a way that's balanced and responsible. i cut a trillion dollars worth of spending. i intend to do more. be uh if we're serious about reducing the deficit, we have to ask the wealthiest americans to go back to when bill clinton was
5:09 am
president. because budgets are about choices. we can't do everything. we're not sure we do everything we pay for. i'm not going to turn medicare into a voucher to pay for another million. not going to ask young people to pay more for college just to pay for another millionaire's tax cut. so we know what changes. we know what the future requires. and we know it's not going to be easy. now back in 2008, we talked about change we can believe in. but i also said this is hurt. because i wasn't just talking about changing presidents or changing parties, i was talking about changing how politics is done in this country. i ran the first time because the voices of the american people, your voices, have been shut out of the demock are a sip for way too long, by lobbyists, special
5:10 am
interests, politicians will say anything and do anything just to keep things the way they are. they want to protect the status quo. and for the last four years, the status quo in washington has fought us every step of the way. they spent millions to stop us from reforming the health care system. they spent millions trying to stop us from reforming wall street. they engineered a strategy of grid lock in congress, refusing to compromise even our ideas that democrats and republicans are used to supporting in the past. and what they're counting on now is they know it will be so worn down, so discouraged by all of the squabbling, so tired of all of the destruction. they gave up, walk away, and leave the powers that be in power. in other words, their bet is on your cynicism. but, florida, my bet is on you and your hope.
5:11 am
and listen, i want owl parties to work together. we're not democrats and republicans first. we're americans first. and when ever the other party has been willing to work with me and help middle-class families and to build 30 ladders into the middle class, i work with them. some of us weren't supporting us when we cut taxes for middle-class families and small business. some greater senators worked with us to repeal don't ask don't tell. i will work with anybody in any party to move this country forward. if you want to break the grid lock in congress, you'll vote for lookeders, democrats, republicans, or independents who feel the same way. who put you first instead of politics first, instead of the next election first. but sometimes you have to fight for principle. sometimes you got to fight for
5:12 am
what's right. if the price of peace in washington is cutting deals that will kick students off of financial aid or get rid of funding for planned parenthood or let insurance companies discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions. eliminate money for medicaid, people who are poor or disabled, i'm not willing to pay that price. that's not bipartisanship, that's not change. that's surrender to the same status quo that has hurt the middle class and cost us jobs and i don't know about you, but i'm not ready to give up on that figh fight. i hope you are, florida. i hope you still have fight left in you. the folks at the top of the country, they don't need a champion in washington. they'll always have a seat in
5:13 am
the table, they'll always have access, they'll always have influence. the people who need a champion are the americans whose letters i leave later tonight after i'm done in the office. the man and women i meet on the campaign trail like you every day, the laid off worker who had to go back and re-train at a community college at the age of 55 to try to get a new career in a new field. she needs a champion. the restaurant owner who cooks great food but needs a loan to expand after the bank turned him down, needs a champion. the cook and the waiter and the cleaner working overtime at a ft. lauderdale hotel trying toll save enough to buy a first home or send a kid to college, they need a champion. the auto worker who's back on the job filled with pride in building a great car. he needs a champion. the teacher, who's in an overcrowded classroom.
5:14 am
maybe digging into her pocket to buy school supplies, not getting the support she needs but showing up every daigneaulting that maybe she's going to make that difference in that one child today, she needs a champion. the young immigrant who was brought here, pledge allegiance to our flag. understands themselves to be americans. they need a champion. all those kids in inner cities and small farm towns, in the valleys of ohio, the rolling virginia hills, the streets of hollywood, kids dreaming of becoming scientists or doctors, engineer, entrepreneurs, diplomats, business people, even presidents. they need a champion in washington. because they don't have lobbyists, they don't make campaign contributions, but those kids, their dreams, that will be our saving grace.
5:15 am
we have to fight for them. and that's why i need you, florida, to make sure that their voices are heard. to make sure your voices are heard. we come too far to turn back now. we come too far to let our hearts grow faint. it's time to keep pushing forward. train all our workers, to create new jobs, to discover new sources of energy. to find opportunities to grow our middle class to restore our democracy. to make sure no matter who you are, where you come from, no matter how you started out, no matter what your last name is, black, white, hispanic, asian, native american, young, old, rich, poor, disabled, not disabled, it doesn't matter, if you work on it, you can make it here in america. that's what we're fighting for. that's why i'm asking for your vote, florida. and if you're willing to work with me, make some phone calls
5:16 am
for me, start out for me, we're going to win florida or win this election. or reaffirm the bond that holds this together. we'll reaffirm the spirit that makes the united states of america the greatest station on earth. god bless you, god bless the united states of america. ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ mitt romney and his wife, ann, stopped in a rally in morrisville, pennsylvania. it was the last stop before the election on tuesday. this is about a half an hour.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, give a warm east coast greeting to the next president of the united states, mitt romney and the first lady of the united states, ann romney! [ applause ] oh, what a philadelphia welcome. thank you so much. what a welcome. i want to produce the next first lady of the united states, my
5:28 am
wife, ann romney. >> this has got his thrill of a lifetime, this is amazing. what a welcome. thank you so much. this campaign is coming to a close. what a welcome you've given us, what energy you've given us to 2340e that we can can finish this race. we are -- we are so excited about tuesday. and we're so excited to be in pennsylvania i'm standing with a man that i stood with for 43 years in marriage. and in every -- and in every circumstance i have seen him be exceptional in every way. and i can tell you, he will not
5:29 am
fail. we have got to strike. we believe in america, i'm going to watch this man save the country and put it back on track, the next president of the united states, mitt romney. >> thank you, sweetheart, thank you, governor corbin. thank you lieutenant governor callley. also senator toomey. i can hardly get it out. the next senator from pennsylvania, senator smith toomey. congressman fitzpatrick, appreciate you being here. and how about that music?
5:30 am
the marshall tucker band did a great job. we're close to the place where people suffered the consequences of the hurricane, as you know, maybe some in this audience are having tough times. our hearts go out to you. if you have extra funds to give to people, contact the american red cross or the salvation army or any other groups that are helping to provide care. thanks to the governors who are dealing with us that are dealing with tragedy. the governor of new jersey, governor christie. he's still giving all of his heart and passion to help the people of this state. we appreciate his hard work. thank you, governor. i just got to say to you, what a welcome. thank you. your voices are heard all over the nation. people in america understand.
5:31 am
taking back the white house because we're going win pennsylvania. i also want to thank people who are doing so much work in our campaign, making phone calls from our victory centers. putting a sign up in your yard, in your neighbor's yard, or by convincing a co-worker to go the far right of me. it means the world to me. thank you so much. and now let's make sure that every single person we know gets out and votes on tuesday. you know, what makes this rally and all your work so inspiring is that you're here because you care about america, it's a campaign about our country and the future we're going to leave to our children. we thank you, we ask you to stay at it all the way until victory on tuesday night.
5:32 am
now it's possible some of your friends or family members haven't made up your mind who to vote for. so let me suggest when you talk to them, you tell them to look beyond the speeches and the attacks and the ads, and you look at the record of the people running for president. because you see, talk is the cheap. but a record is real. and it's earned with effort. change can't be measured in speeches, it's measured in achievements. and four years ago, candidate obama promised to do so very much. he's fallen so very short. he promised to be a postpartisan president, but he's been partisan, attacking, dividing, blaming. not only republicans that he refused to listen to, it's also independent voices. hep was going to focus on creating jobs. instead of that, he focused on obama care that killed jobs. remember he said he was going to cut the deficit in half and he doubles it. he said unemployment would now be at 5.2%.
5:33 am
we just learned it's 7.9%. that's 9 million jobs short. unemployment is higher today than when the president took office. he promised he would say hello to social security and medicare. he didn't. he raided $716 million from medicare to pay the obama care. he said there would be lower health insurance premiums by $2,500 per family. have you seen that? the american family pays $3,000 a year more now. and for gasoline, $2,000 a year more than when he was elected. he said he would work across the aisle on the most important issues america faces. do you realize he hasn't met on the economy or the budget or on jobs with the republican leader of the house or the senate since
5:34 am
july. instead of bridging the divide, he's made it wider. so you look at the big debates we have on this country, not as a republican or as a democrat, but first as an american. you watch what's happened in this country in the last four years with an independent voice. you hope president obama will live up to his promise to bring people together. it solved big problems. he hasn't, i will. let me tell you how he fell so short on what he promised -- he cared more about the liberal agenda than he did about caring for the economy. did obama care create new jobs? >> no. >> did the war on coal and oil and gas create new jobs? >> no. >> did the regulations help people who make loans to people who needed them. does raising taxes put people to
5:35 am
work? no. did the avalanche of regulations help small business? >> no. >> you got it right. almost every measure he took hurt our economy and the americans. one in six of our fellow citizens are living in poverty. and if you even got a job, the middle class is being squeezed with lower take-home pay and higher taxes. i spoke yesterday with the wife of a 60-year-old man in the prime of his earning years. he's worked as a welder for 40 years. but he just got laid off. and so his wife says, how can i help? what can i do to help him, she said. she made it very clear. they don't want a government check. he wants a job. the president thinks more government is the answer. no, mr. president, more good jobs. that's the answer.
5:36 am
the question that this election comes down to this -- you want four more years like the last four years, or do you want real change? now president obama promised change but he couldn't deliver it. >> send him home! >> you know, he couldn't deliver the change he promised, but i not only promised change, i have a record of achieving change. i built the business. i built the business. i helped try to run another one. i helped put the olympics offtrack back on track. and by the way, with the democrat legislation, i helped my state turn from deficit to surplus, from job losses to job growth. and on higher taxes to higher take-home pay. and that's why i'm running for
5:37 am
president. i know what the nation is on. how to get to a balanced budget, how to build jobs. and see the take home pay. accomplishing real change is not something i just talked about. it's something i've done, it's something that i will do as president of the united states. now, if you believe we can do better -- >> romney! romney! if you believe we can do better, if you believe america should be on a better course, if you're tired of being tired, then i ask you to vote for real change. paul ryan and i will bring real change to america on day one.
5:38 am
when i'm elected, the economy and the american job market is going to be stagnant, but i'm not going to waste any time complaining about my predecessor. i won't spend my effort trying to pass partisan legislation unrelated to jobs and growth. from day one, i'm going to go to work to help get americans back to work. and the people across the country are responding to the five-part plan to create jobs. part one is about taking full advantage of our energy resources, our coal, our oil, our gas, our renewables. on day one, i'm going to act to increase the number of leashes and permits for drilling on federal lands and i will have to speed the approval of the keystone pipeline. number two, i'm going to move to boost trade especially with latin america.
5:39 am
and i'll finally designate china as a currency manipulator. we have to fight for fair jobs. now, third, i'm going to send the congress something we're going to call the retraining reform act to make sure every worker can get the skills they need for a good-paying job. and fourth, i'm going to move to tackle out of control spending. i'm going to send congress the first of several fundamental reforms that i call the downpayment on fiscal sanity act. we will immediately cut, not just slow the rate of growth, but cut government spending. i'm not just going to take office on january 20, i'm going to take responsibility for that office as well. number five. i'm going to act to boost small business, all business. i'm going to head straight to the problems that are holding the economy back.
5:40 am
the first is going to break state waivers from obama care to repeal. the second is going to launch a sweeping review of all of the obama era with regulations with an eye to eliminating or repairing those that are killing jobbings. and for the first time in four years, every entrepreneur, every small business person, every job creator, will know that the president and the government of the united states liked them and wants the jobs and the higher wages they bring to our fellow americans. paul ryan and i are going to limit government instead of limiting the dreams of our fellow americans. now the choice on tuesday could lead to one of two of very different outcomes. you know if the president were to be re-elected, he would still be able to work with the people in congress. he's ignored them, attacked them, blamed them.
5:41 am
and that debt ceiling is going to come down again, shut down and default with the records. that freezes the economy. the president was right the other day when he said he can't change washington from the inside, only the from the outside. we're going to give him that chance soon. now when i'm elected, i'm going to work with republicans and democrats in congress. i'm going to meet regularly with their leaders, i'm going to endeavor to find the good men and women on both sides of the aisle that care more about the country than hay do about politics. if the president were to be re-elected, he's going to continue his war on coal, oil, and natural gas. when i'm elected, we're going to change the course on energy, to build jobs, help with the prices
5:42 am
at the pump, we're going to achieve north american energy independence in eight years. now if the president were to be re-elected, he would continue to cut small business with the plan to raise taxes, to expand regulation, to oppose obama care. i care about small business. i make it easy for people to fulfill their dreams. last week, rhoda elliott, virginia, richmond, running family restaurants for years. the business has been in her family, bill's barbecue, for 82 years. at the high point she employed 200 people. she just closed it down. she told me the regulations, the taxes, obama care, and the effects of the obama economy put her out of business. and she teared up. this wasn't about money. this was about a future for her family and for her family of employees.
5:43 am
look, i want to help the hundreds and thousands of these dreamers like rhoda, and i will. you know by the way, if the president were to be re-elected, he's going to say anything he has to to get your support and affect our schools. but in the final analysis, he's going to do what the largest campaign contributors tell them to do. that's the public sector unions. so your kids would have to thank schools for the same results. when i'm president, i'll be the voice of the children and their parents because they don't have a unit at the bpa. i want to make sure that parents have the information they need to know if the school is succeeding or not. and i want them to have the choice of the school they believe is right for their child's future. you know, when i was governor, we took our schools to the top of the nation. we did it by working together, republicans and democrats,
5:44 am
listening to our best advice from our teachers, and people who dedicated their lives to teaching our kids to listening also to parents and always putting the students first and their education first. i'll do the same thing as president. now, these last few months of our campaign, well, this gathered a strength of a movement which is obvious by looking around this audience tonight. and it is not just -- it's not just or not only the size of the crowds, it's also the depth of our shared convention. it's made me strive to be even more worthy of your support and to campaign as i would govern -- and to speak to the aspirations of all americans. i learned in massachusetts that the best achievements are shared achievements. i learned that respect and goodwill go a long way and are usually returned in kind. that's how i'll conduct myself as president. i'll bring people together. i won't just represent one
5:45 am
party, i will represent one nation. >> u.s. u.s.! usa! campaign every argument he can think of. president obama trying to convince you that the last four years have been a success. and so the plan for the next four years is to take all of the ideas from his first term, the stimulus, the borrowing, obama care, all of the rest and do them all over again. he calls that plan forward. i call it forewarned. the same path does not lead to a better destination. it means tripling unemployment, stagnant take home pay and
5:46 am
depressed home values and a devastated military. unless we change course, we're looking at another recession. it's closing argument, this is last week, president obama asked the supporters to vote for revenge. for revenge -- instead, i ask the american people to vote for love of country. we're going to lead to a better place. two days away from a fresh start, two days away to a beginning. we're not based on rhetoric, but on proven results but on unshakable faith of the american spirit.
5:47 am
does anyone who fears the american dream is fading away. does anyone do wonder whether better jobs and paychecks are a thing of the past? i have a clear and unequivocal question. with the right leadership, america is about to come roaring back. we're americans, we can do anything. we've just known lack of leadership. puts the past four years behind us, starts building a future in some of the differences between the president and i when we were standing side-by-side in our debates. he says it has to be this way. i say it can't stay this way. he's offering excuses. i've got a plan. i can't wait for us to get started.
5:48 am
he's hoping we'll settle. americans don't settle. we built this fire we create. we've been the best voice. we can do better. a better life, a better america. the better life is waiting for us. the destiny is in our hands. two more days -- two more days and we can get to work rebuilding our country, restoring our confidence. renewing our conviction. we are aware we're on a solid path. confident that college grads four years from now will find better jobs. confidence that single moms working two jobs will have a shot at a better job. i want to take a moment and tell you about an experience i had just last night, it reminded me of something that happened many years ago. i was serving as a leader in the boy scouts of america. got some scouters here, i can
5:49 am
tell. place of honor. big formicah table at the end of the room, seated next to americans. the first that was speaking was the scout master from monument, colorado. he described the fact that his troops wanted a very special american flag. they bought one. they had it flowing above the capitol building. came back home, they wanted to go on the space shuttle. nasa agreed. he said the boys were so proud looking at their home rooms in school on the tv sets there, they saw the space shuttle "challenger" launched into the air, then they saw it explode on the tv screen. and then he said he called nasa a couple of weeks later and he said, have you found any remnant of our flag. they hasn't. he called every week, month after month, nothing. sometime later, he was reading an article in the newspaper, and it mentioned the debris that was collected from the challenger
5:50 am
disaster. and it was a -- a note about a flag. and so he called nasa and said have you found some part of our flag. and nasa said, in fact, we have a presentation to make to your boys. so nasa came and the boy scout troop gathered. they were presented with a plastic container and they opened it up and there was their flag in perfect condition. and he said that's it on the flag pole next to mr. romney at the end of the table. i reached over, touched ahold of that flag and pulled it out. it was just as if electricity was running through my arm because i thought about the sacrifice of those men and women in our space program who put themselves in harm's way for learning, for pioneering. for us. part of the american spirit. . to live for something bigger than yourself. i see it in the men and women who live in our military to service over the years. they serve us for liberty, for freedom. for hope, prosperity.
5:51 am
i love all of the verses in that wonderful hymn, "america the beautiful," one in particular stands out. oh beautiful for hero's proof in liberating strife who more themselves their country loves and mercy better than life. if you're a veteran or a member of the armed forces, raise your hand and be recognized. we americans live for things bigger than ourselves, our schools, churches, families, nation. i -- i think about my sister -- my sister, lynn, in her 70s, her husband died a few years ago. she has eight children, seven are mar rid, kids of their own. the eighth child was born down's syndrome. he's now 43 years old. he lives at home with his mom. and she devotes her time and her care to helping that child that has all of his life for 43
5:52 am
years. she's a hero to me. i love america's moms, single moms, dads, they make a difference to their families. this this christmas, thinking of all of the couples who are not going to be exchanging gifts with one another so they can make sure they have a great christmas for their kids. think of all of the single moms who are scraping and saving to get by so they can make sure and have a good meal on the table for their kids at the end of the day. think of the dads and the moms working two jobs so they can buy the kind of clothes that their kids need so that they won't stand out in school. we're a generous people. we give to others in need. we live for things bigger than ourselves. on november 6, we can come together for our future. on november 7, we're going to get to work. i'd like for you to reach across
5:53 am
the street to that neighbor with the other guy's yard sign. and we'll reach across the aisle in washington to the people of good faith. it's much more than our moment. it's america's moment of renewal and purpose and optimism. we your anied far and ride in this great campaign for america's future. now we're almost home, one final push will get us there. we've known many long days and short nights. and now we're close. the door to a brighter future is there. open, waiting for us. i need your vote, i need your work, i want you to walk with me. we're taking back america. we're coming back. we're going to keep america -- we love yeah. thanks so very much. thank you. thank you.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
♪ [applause]
5:57 am
["born free" by kid rock] >> today on the "washington journal." we will talk about mitt romney's governing style. our guest has covered massachusetts politics for over three decades. followed by how president obama will govern if he wins the election. linda feldmann is our guest. we will discuss the voting rights -- voting rights act. "washington journal" with your calls and e-mails is live at 7
5:58 am
eastern on the c-span. today, we will talk about this year's congressional races and look ahead to election day with four representatives from texas, kansas, and virginia. our live coverage from the bipartisan policy center begins at 9:00 a.m. eastern on the c- span2. republican and vice presidential candidate paul ryan campaigns today, the day before the election, in colorado. our live coverage begins at 3:35 eastern here on the c-span. >> the same course we have been on will not lead to better destination. the same path we are on means $20 trillion in debt in a second term he will not have. it means tackling unemployment.
5:59 am
it means depressed home values, a deficit military, and unless we change course, we may be looking at another recession. the question of this election comes down to this, do you want more of the same, or do you want real change? >> we know what change looks like. what governor romney is selling into it. giving more power to the biggest banks is not change. another $5 trillion a tax cut to the wealthy, that is not change. refusing to answer questions about the details of your policies until after the election, that is definitely not change. ruling out a compromise by pledging to rubber-stamp the tea party folks in congress, that is not change. changing the facts when they are inconvenient to your campaign, not change. >> tuesday night, watch live coverage

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